Professor Robin Crewe

Director, Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship
University of Pretoria
Robin Crewe

Robin Michael Crewe is the Director of Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship and a member of the Social Insects Research Group and professor of Zoology and Entomology of the University of Pretoria, past President of the Academy of Science of South Africa and Chair of the Network of African Science Academies. He is a council member of the World Academy of Sciences and was a board member of the National Research Foundation. He served as Vice-Principal of Research and Post-graduate Studies at the University of Pretoria, retiring in 2013. His outstanding research career ultimately resulted in him being awarded the prestigious Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award in 2012. In addition to his illustrious research career and executive responsibilities he has served as Chair of the National Research Foundation Board. During his time as president of ASSAf he participated in the African Science Academy Development Initiative (ASADI) and thus gained valuable experience of African science academies. He has also served as President of NASAC and continues to serve on the Executive Board of NASAC.