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General information

IAP is a global network of the world's science academies, launched in 1993. Its primary goal is to help member academies work together to advise citizens and public officials on the scientific aspects of critical global issues. IAP is particularly interested in assisting young and small academies achieve these goals and, through the communication links and networks created by IAP activities, all academies will be able to raise both their public profile among citizens and their influence among policy makers.

Strategic plan
IAP has produced two Strategic Plans in recent years. The first Plan identified IAP's strategy for the period 2007 - 2009. The second Plan, adopted by the IAP General Assembly in January 2010, sets out three broad objectives:

  • to position IAP as a widely recognized provider of high quality, independent global science advice to governments and international organizations;
  • to support major programmes on scientific capacity building, science education and science communication; and
  • to assume a lead role in efforts to improve the effectiveness and impact of international cooperation in science

Download, as a pdf file,  the IAP STRATEGIC PLAN 2010-2012

Since its inception, IAP has issued statements on:

- population growth (1994)
- urban development (1996)
- sustainability (2000)
- human reproductive cloning (2003)
- science education (2003)
- health of mothers and children (2003)
- scientific capacity building (2003)
- science and the media, (2003)
- access to scientific information (2003)
- biosecurity (2005)
- evolution (2006)
- ocean acidification (2009), and
- tropical forests and climate change (2009).

Link to statements page

IAP has forged partnerships among its member institutions and works closely with other scientific organizations, including the InterAcademy Council (IAC), InterAcademy Medical Panel (IAMP), and International Council for Science (ICSU), IAP also cooperates with regional academies, such as the Federation of Asian Scientific Academies (FASAS), All European Academies (ALLEA), Network of African Science Academies (NASAC), European Academies' Science Advisory Council (EASAC), Association of Academies of Sciences in Asia (AASA), and the Caribbean Scientific Union (CCC), all of which serve as observers of IAP activities.

IAP's secretariat, located in Trieste, Italy, operates under the administrative umbrella of TWAS, the academy of sciences for the developing world. In January 2004, the Italian parliament passed a permanent law that provides a secure funding base for IAP. Many of IAP's member academies contribute both financially and in kind to its programmatic activities. Member academies also sponsor events and actively participate in meetings.

The new iap brochure is available HERE for download in pdf format, giving an overview of IAP's activities.

The IAP Bulletin is produced regularly by the secretariat for members. The purpose of the bulletin is to convey information on science academy activities around the world. Follow the link for the most recent issue.

Statutes and rules of procedure
Download the IAP Statutes and Rules of Procedure (pdf file) adopted by the IAP General Assembly in January 2010.

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